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Polyester staple fiber is still in the clouds after the temporary turnaround.

the trend of polyester fiber in the past month can be described as a big opening and closing, ups and downs, and quite dramatic, in which there are both ups and downs, and turnarounds. If we are sitting in the theater, we will be very excited, and there will be a sense of soul stirring, but the reality is that the market does not need to open and close, the market does not believe in a single ride, and the market needs to be stable, The market needs order. Recently, polyester staple fiber held the 7000 yuan mark. After the sharp rebound of polyester chips and polyester filaments, polyester staple fiber also took advantage of the momentum, but the rebound elasticity was inferior to the other two. The driving force of the market rebound still comes from the upstream market. In the last few days of last week, the international oil price began to consolidate, and did not decline unilaterally as before. In this case, MEG first showed signs of bottoming out in polyester raw materials. After the price was as low as 3400 yuan, market inquiries increased significantly. At the beginning of the week, PTA prices also began to work after being as low as 4700 yuan. By Tuesday, the international crude oil price rebounded sharply, The price of international crude oil futures in New York recovered $70 in one fell swoop, which was like pressing the igniter. Throughout the day, the prices of polyester chips and polyester filaments continued to soar, and polyester staple fiber only rose with it, not the protagonist of the rebound. Yesterday, its price rebound remained the same, but the market transaction slowed down. In October, the settlement price of the polyester staple fiber contract of Sinopec Group was 9450 yuan/ton for 1.4d, 9500 yuan/ton for 1.2D, and 9650 yuan/ton for 1.2D (cash delivery). Among them, the settlement price of Sinopec polyester staple fiber Beijing sales company was also divided into intraregional and extraregional prices, and the extraregional price was increased by 50 yuan/ton on the above basis. Sinopec polyester staple fiber contract advance payment quotation was issued in November, 1.4d was quoted at 8000 yuan/ton (cash delivery), and its Beijing company's immediate quotation was 7500 yuan/ton. At present, the price range of 1.4d polyester staple fiber delivered to the transaction quotation in the domestic mainstream market is yuan/ton (cash or acceptance). The market has experienced first suppression and then rise. At this time, the quotation is basically the same as last week

the polyester staple fiber market in East China first continued to decline. When the market price was as low as 7000 yuan, the market began to consolidate. On Tuesday, some lubricants in the whole polyester chain did not sinter and rebound under extremely high load, and its market quotation began to rise. At present, the mainstream cash delivery transaction quotation of local 1.4d polyester staple fiber is yuan/ton, and the price remained at the same level as the same period last week. At the same time, dominated by the psychology of buying up but not buying down, the replenishment of positions in the downstream has increased significantly, the trading volume of polyester staple fiber has changed much, the market has shown a certain atmosphere of active decline, the production and sales rate of polyester staple fiber enterprises has also changed greatly, the enterprise inventory has also been well digested, and the inventory pressure has been relieved to a certain extent. At the same time, the operating rate of polyester staple fiber enterprises has not changed much. For the sake of future stability, enterprises should also reduce their operating load. After the market rebounded, the preferential measures of enterprises were temporarily cancelled, but there was still some room for negotiation. The export situation of downstream yarn enterprises is still light, and the inventory is still the same, so there is no change in production enthusiasm, and the demand for polyester staple fiber is also limited. The purpose of entering the market to replenish positions is only to copy the bottom. Market traders have also made up a certain amount of positions, but they are still mainly on the sidelines. It is expected that the future market of local polyester staple fiber will be dominated by stable consolidation. The polyester staple fiber market in South China also rose. The mainstream cash delivery transaction quotation of 1.4d polyester staple fiber in the local market was at the level of yuan/ton (delivery price), which was consistent with the same period last week. After the price of polyester staple fiber began to rebound, the market trading volume rose sharply, and the low price products in the original market also disappeared. However, after the price of polyester staple fiber rose sharply, the replenishment volume of downstream yarn enterprises and market traders began to decline, and chose to leave the market to wait and see. At present, the production and sales rate of local polyester staple fiber enterprises can be leveled, and the inventory pressure can be relieved. With the improvement of the market situation, enterprises that originally planned to reduce production may postpone their actions. The price of polyester staple fiber in North China has risen synchronously, and the pace is consistent with that in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets. At present, the mainstream of local 1.4d polyester staple fiber has been delivered to the transaction price of yuan/ton. 1. When the main engine of the torque testing machine for auto parts is maintained, the fixture should be coated with antirust oil for storage; The jaw should be cleaned frequently. The market trading volume has a long lost feeling on the day of rebound, which is magnified a lot. Downstream enterprises are still difficult to operate, and their enthusiasm for production is not high. Many enterprises have reduced their operating rate. After observing the rebound in the polyester staple fiber market, 2 After the dirty change of the pointer rotation axis, it will enter the market to make up the position. In the southwest polyester staple fiber market, the transaction price of 1.4d mainstream delivery was yuan/ton, and the quotation remained at the same period last week. The local yarn enterprises had poor operations, high inventories, and limited demand for polyester staple fiber. After the quotation of polyester staple fiber began to rise, downstream enterprises and market traders took measures to copy the bottom

recently, the domestic yarn market is still weak, the market is deserted, prices have fallen, and the market mentality has deteriorated. After the state introduced the second batch of plans to increase the collection and storage of 1million tons in the pure cotton yarn market, the cotton market will pick up to a certain extent, so it is expected that the pure cotton yarn market will remain stable in the short term. Due to the accelerated decline of the price of viscose staple fiber in the human cotton yarn market, coupled with the continuous difficulty of the downstream domestic and export market, the market is unstable, the manufacturer's inventory pressure is still rising, and the psychology of price reduction and shipment is obvious. Therefore, it is expected that the human cotton yarn market will be difficult to change the downturn in the near future. The price of pure polyester yarn is also reflected after the rebound of polyester staple fiber, but the inventory of pure polyester yarn enterprises continues to rise. The pure polyester yarn Market in Xiaoshao market will no longer continue to decline. With the rebound of raw polyester staple fiber, its price will also rise to a certain extent. The market quotation for 21s is 12700 yuan/ton, 13000 yuan/ton for 32S, 14100 yuan/ton for 45s, 14800 yuan/ton for 50s, 16100 yuan/ton for 55s, 10200 yuan/ton for 16S, 10300 yuan/ton for 21s (with tickets), and 11000 yuan/ton for 32S. The pure polyester yarn Market in Shengze market, another mainstream market, is almost the same as that in Xiaoshao market. The quotation in 21s market is 12700 yuan/ton, that in 32S is 12800 yuan/ton, that in 45s is 1, and that in 45s is 4000 yuan/ton, that in 50s is 14800 yuan/ton, and that in 60s is 15800 yuan/ton. Shandong pure polyester yarn Market stopped falling, with 21s reporting 12900 yuan/ton, 32S reporting 13500 yuan/ton, 45s reporting 14200 yuan/ton, 50s reporting 14500 yuan/ton, 40s pure polyester yarn reporting 16200 yuan/ton, 32S polyester cotton 80/20 reporting 15200 yuan/ton, 21s polyester cotton 65/35 reporting 15200 yuan/ton (with tickets), 45s polyester cotton 65/35 reporting 16300 yuan/ton, and small chemical fiber production 21s reporting 10200 yuan/ton. The yarn Market in South China is still weak, and the trading volume continues to decline

at present, people are concerned about how long the rebound of polyester staple fiber market can last. At this stage, there are many factors affecting the market, such as the central bank reducing bank loan interest rates, increasing export tax rebates, etc., but at present, the only factor that can affect the market trend of polyester staple fiber is the raw material market. We all hope that the measures taken by countries around the world to alleviate the financial crisis can work faster and make the situation clearer, which is more conducive to restoring market confidence and making the polyester industry chain more stable and healthy

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