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Polyether conference intended to stabilize the market

polyether conference intended to stabilize the market

December 13, 2004

last week, major domestic polyether manufacturers held the fourth polyether industry conference this year in Nanjing. In view of the current tense market situation, all manufacturers have expressed their views and fully discussed how to stabilize the current market situation

due to the extreme tension of Po at the beginning of last month, the price of PPG hit the highest point in recent years (the price of bulk water is close to 18000 yuan/ton). By the end of the month, the PO price fell, which had a great impact on the market. At this meeting, manufacturers put forward some measures on how to stabilize prices under the current market situation

at present, the price of flat PG of the pressing plate under P measurement in the market fell from the high point in the early stage to May 27, but the late 17200 yuan/ton is about the consumer unit, while the price of Po is 15500 yuan/ton

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