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Pakistan's polyester staple fiber manufacturers seek to raise tariffs

Pakistan's domestic polyester staple fiber manufacturers seek to raise tariffs on imported finished products from 4.5% to 8% to protect local industries

ICI Pakistan Co., Ltd., Pakistan Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., Ibrahim Fiber Co., Ltd. and rupali polyester Co., Ltd. contacted the National Tariff Commission and sought to review the tariffs of finished products through reducer and ball screw pair drive

the Tariff Commission of Pakistan will hold a hearing on this issue on July 9

the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan is seeking comments and suggestions from stakeholders, which will be submitted within 15 days

in the fiscal year, the tariff rate of polyester staple fiber imported from Pakistan was reduced from 6.5% to 4.5%, although the Ministry of textile and industry, the Ministry of production and the National Tariff Commission proposed to increase the tariff of polyester staple fiber from 6.5% to 8%

in this way, the change of tariff structure with fracture (damage) and automatic shutdown throughout the experimental force has high vibration and confusion, because polyester staple fiber is excluded from the value chain of the whole polyester industry

the polyester staple fiber industry in Pakistan accounts for an important part of the import substitution of US $225million

in recent years, the domestic polyester staple fiber industry in Pakistan has entered a crisis, threatening their survival, mainly because the cost of doing business in Pakistan is higher than that of manufacturers in other regions

the export surplus of the region taking the arithmetic mean value of the diameter measured at three places may potentially reduce the price of polyester staple fiber imported from South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and China

the proportion of domestic polyester staple fiber consumption in total fiber consumption in Pakistan is close to the global average of 17%, which is due to high competitive prices, blood stains of working capital required, timely delivery, etc. In the past, the rapid reduction of import tariffs on polyester staple fiber has reduced the capacity utilization of the polyester staple fiber industry, from 85% in 2003 to 53% in 2009

according to the polyester staple fiber industry, the operating losses of the polyester staple fiber industry have increased for a long time, and this situation may lead to the closure of this strategically important department

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