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Tianjin Petrochemical polyether polyol medium production line can cast strip width of 1727.2mm (68 inches), strip thickness of 2.3mm~5.1mm (0.09 inches ~0.20 inches), casting speed of 61m/min~27.4m/min (200ft/min~90ft/min), slab temperature of 567 ℃ (1050 DEG; F). The pilot project of polyether polyol with high molecular weight and high EO (ethylene oxide) addition completed by SINOPEC Tianjin Petrochemical Company has passed the expert appraisal recently. The successful development of the production process of polyether polyols with high molecular weight and high EO content has opened up the application field of polyether polyols

the development of paper products must be unstoppable. The pilot synthesis technology, electromechanical technology and formula are independently completed by the scientific researchers of the polyether Department of Tianjin Petrochemical. In this project, tep-9023 and TPEG series products were synthesized by batch process, and the pilot test was successfully carried out. Tep-9023 is mainly used for the synthesis of polyurethane sealant. The sealant products synthesized by tep-9023 are commonly used for waterproof and seepage prevention of culverts, subways and aboveground buildings. TPEG series products are more difficult to process than ordinary polyether polyols. Previously, such products used in the cooperation with Chery Automobile were mainly imported from the United States

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