Review and forecast of polyester Market in Shengze

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Review and forecast of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing in January

this year, the polyester market opened well in January, and the polyester price rose by more than 1000 yuan/ton in this month. Since January 4, the trading volume has rebounded significantly, and the price has increased. Although the startup rate of downstream weaving fell in late 2010, downstream weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises were interested in preparing materials before the year. Driven by the rising cost of polyester raw materials, polyester prices will rise in February. Now let's review the market in January as follows:

in the first week: (from January 3 to January 9), since the polyester market showed a shock upward in late December, the joint shear performance of polyester asphalt waterproof coiled material gb/t328.22 ⑵ 007 silk varieties have increased by yuan/t, and polyester coarse denier products are even more. This week, driven by the strength of upstream raw materials, the price in the polyester market rose again, and most spinning factories have joined the ranks of price increases, On Friday, although the polyester market price showed an inertial upward trend, the polyester trading atmosphere fell significantly, and the trading volume also decreased. Due to the low opening and low going of PTA futures on Friday, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester market became stronger, and the overall trading volume fell significantly compared with Friday. From the current market situation analysis: Although the market is brewing rebound momentum in the shock, the current market is in the off-season state before the Spring Festival, while the market of PTA and chips, the former raw materials of polyester, is flat. After the rise of polyester, the resistance in the downstream is growing and the wait-and-see is getting stronger. It is expected that the overall polyester market will run in the trend of "reduction and consolidation" next week

in the second week: (from January 10 to January 16), due to the continuous rise in the prices of upstream raw materials PTA and eg, the price of polyester chips rose synchronously. The transaction price outside the contract rose from yuan/t at the end of last week to 12700 yuan/t, or even higher. The market price of polyester products showed an upward trend after last weekend. This week, the transaction price of various conventional polyester in Shengze and Jiaxing light textile raw material markets was generally about 300 yuan/t, and some marketable varieties were even larger, and some industry opportunities were added to help. The average production and sales rate of spinning factories exceeded 100, and some varieties were in short supply. Polyester spinning factories queued up to distribute polyester to customers. According to the polyester market dynamics, at present, although the purchase intention of polyester buyers has weakened, it can be predicted that it will be more and more difficult for polyester prices to rise, but there is no inventory pressure in the spinning chemical fiber factory, and under the pull of upstream raw material costs, it is expected that polyester will shake up and make up the rising trend next week

in the third week: (from January 17 to January 23), due to the continuous rise in the prices of upstream raw materials PTA and eg, the prices of polyester chips rose synchronously, and the market prices of polyester products showed an upward trend after last weekend. It was learned from the polyester factory that the production and sales were basically flat, and the supply of some polyester products was still tight. At present, although the downstream cloth market is in the light market before the traditional Spring Festival, and the downstream weaving purchases a certain amount more or less, the upstream raw material cost support is strong, and there are signs of rising in the future. As the saying goes, under the psychological control of buying up and buying down, the downstream weaving has material preparation and procurement in succession. In addition, the social inventory of polyester this year is lower than last year. Therefore, driven by the two wheels of cost and procurement, Polyester market trend is expected to rise in the future

the fourth week: (January 24 to January 30), this week, due to the low inventory of spinning factories and the rise of cost factors, the situation is: Polyester showed a trend of rising first and then stabilizing the market, with a range of general rise in Yuan/t, and even higher in some cases. The transaction volume of DTY and POY is still good, compared with the weak sales of FDY. The current raw material cost still gives strong support to polyester prices. Most people believe that the polyester market is stable on the eve of the Spring Festival, and they are optimistic after the festival driven by the demand for new energy vehicles

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