Review and outlook of viscose fiber market last we

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Review and outlook of viscose fiber market last week

affected by market weakness, viscose staple fiber continued to decline last week. The transaction price of 1.5D high-end market in the northern market is around yuan/ton; Sales in the southern market were also slightly tired, and the trading volume continued to decrease, with market turnover around 17800 yuan/ton

market situation of cotton linter and pulp

last week, the supply of cotton linter market was still tight, and the market quotation was still rising. Many pulp enterprises are forced to look for imported cashmere to relieve production pressure due to the shortage of domestic short cashmere supply. The quotation of two-layer cotton linter in the mainland is mostly 7800 yuan/ton, the mainstream transaction price in the market is yuan/ton, the delivery price in Jiangsu is yuan/ton, the self raised price of mixed linter in Hebei is mostly yuan/ton, the self raised price of mixed linter in Shandong is yuan/ton, the self raised quotation in southern Xinjiang is yuan/ton, and the delivery price in Northern Xinjiang is yuan/ton

last week, the trading atmosphere in the cotton pulp market was still light last week, and the market quotation remained stable. On August 2, the pulp industry conference held in Zhengzhou introduced the industry guidance price of yuan/ton. Based on the cotton linter with high price and tight supply, as well as the operating rate of pulp enterprises with sharply reduced operating rate, the cotton pulp market price trend is stable, some manufacturers are slightly preferential, the mainstream negotiated price in the market is mostly 12800 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is at the level of yuan/ton. Xinjiang Taichang staple cotton pulp market in July 3. Overload protection can only protect sensors and equipment to a certain extent. The quotation of other parts is 12500 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of Xinjiang Swan staple cotton pulp in July is 12500 yuan/ton

the inquiry in the wood pulp market increased last week, and the market quotation was firm. Due to the tight supply of goods in the foreign market, the market quotation is still more insistent. The CIF Shanghai quotation is at 1. The center introduced the overview of the process flow of micro milltm method to the delegation at 580 US dollars/ton. In July, the reference price of short silk grade wood pulp in Sweden was at US dollars/ton. Most foreign wood pulp has been suspended, and the shipment is not strong. Domestic wood pulp production is not high, the market supply is relatively tight, and the price has also increased slightly. The market quotation is mostly around 12000 yuan/ton, and there is a lot of market demand

viscose market quotation

last week, after the boost of the industry conference, the market buying and selling sentiment was improved. Under the guidance of the industry conference, which also has an attractive market prospect in the use of electric vehicle range extenders, at present, major viscose enterprises are pricing according to the unified price released by the industry, of which the quotation of 1.2D viscose staple fiber is 17700 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 1.5D is 17500 yuan/ton. However, the actual transactions are different. The actual transaction price of Jiangxi Longda and Jiangsu Xiangsheng 1.5D wood pulp viscose staple fiber fell below 17000 yuan, while Shandong Hailong and Tangshan Sanyou raised the price by a lower yuan on the basis of the quotation. At present, the viscose staple fiber market is operating at a loss, and there are many small and medium-sized enterprises stopping production and reducing production

last week, the viscose filament market continued to be light, the market quotation continued to be stable, and the actual transaction fell. In addition, the use of viscose filament products is single, and the emergence of polyester filament substitutes has also reduced the market share of viscose filament, with a slight decline in market share. Nanjing chemical fiber 120d/30f optical offer is 35500 yuan/ton, Jiujiang Hengsheng 120d/30f optical offer is 34750 yuan/ton, Xinxiang Chemical fiber 120d/44f optical filament offer is 37500 yuan/ton, Baoding swan 120d/44f optical offer is 38000 yuan/ton. The price of 120d glossy viscose filament in the first grade is about 37000 yuan/ton, the high price in the second grade is up to yuan/ton, the low price is at 34500 yuan/ton, and the quotation in the third grade is maintained at 34500 yuan/ton

human cotton yarn market quotation

last week, the market demand for human cotton yarn was still depressed. Due to the continuous downturn in the price of viscose staple fiber, many human cotton yarn enterprises have reduced their product quotations. Among them, a large factory in Shandong that used appropriate additives to modify polymer wood flour surface lowered human cotton yarn by 500 yuan last week, and the actual transaction is still negotiable. The ex factory quotation of 30s ring spinning belt ticket of a large factory in Fujian is 26100 yuan/ton, the quotation of 30s ring spinning knitting yarn of some small local factories is around yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of 40s belt ticket is yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of 30s ring spinning knitted yarn in Shaoxing is yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of 40s with ticket is 26500 yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of 30s ring spinning knitted yarn belt ticket of Jilin chemical fiber is 25300 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 40s ring spinning cotton yarn is about 26700 yuan/ton. The market quotation of 32S ring spun cotton yarn of Shengze Jingying cotton yarn company is 25900 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 40s is 26900 yuan/ton. The supply of wood pulp rayon yarn in the market also began to increase. The quotation of 1.2D Lanjing viscose 40s rayon compact knitting yarn from a large factory in Shandong was 30000 yuan/ton, a small decrease of 500 yuan


although the market quotation of viscose staple fiber has increased due to the encouragement of the industry conference, the low price strategy of some enterprises has cast a shadow on the stability of the viscose market. In addition, market shipments have not increased significantly with the rise of the quotation, and the market demand for rayon yarn has also begun to decrease. Ren Xiaoliang, an analyst at viscose infocom, expects that viscose staple fiber will continue to be weak in the short term

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